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Candles in the Sun
Candles in the Sun
22. South Sudanese. Life is a soul sucking abyss.
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Heavy- August Alsina

Honest [Remix]- August Alsina ft. Rocky Diamonds

Shoot or Die [Remix]- August Alsina

Some women are born out of steel and still find ways to grow flowerbeds inside themselves.

Others are born out of the softest flower petals and still hold their thorns at the ready.

Some piece themselves out of notebook pages and write themselves out the only way they know how. writing themselves into conviction.

Others have a mouth full of honey and a viper tongue full of bees.

Some are small and learn to cast their shadows to the size of giants.

Others don’t hesitant to take up resistant for their motherland; they were born out of the womb with fists balled and heart beating to the hum of their mother.

Some carry the sky inside of them like the earth could never be enough

Others could cry and  fill the ocean twice over.

Some are thunderstorms and hurricanes, ripping up roots and moving on.

Others are quiet Sunday mornings, watching flowers grow on their windowsill.

All women.

I want to hold up the sky and run my fingers through clouds. I have endless rolling green hills and crashing blue waves inside of me. I wear the sun like a blanket on my skin and carry the moon in my eyes.

One time I was on campus when this really tall, cute guy stopped me and told me I was beautiful and he just had to talk to me. He then asked if he could call me sometimes. I said yes and the next day he texted me asking what I was doing. I told him I was packing and heading back home to San Diego for the weekend and he told me he was going to LA. I said “cool. Have a good time.” Five minutes later I get another text from him. It said “hey, can you send me a picture? ;)”

I was instantly repulsed by everything about him. Any feelings I might have developed for him were snuffed out like a candle in a cold winter.

I deleted his number.

Why are men like this. He just met me and he was already talking dumb sexual shit and invading my comfort zone. Men are truly trash and constantly go out of their way to prove it. It’s incredible.


Exercising power.
Even if you lose.
Liberate your right to be.

Photo 1: Cristo Rey movie, directed by Leticia Tonos

Photo 2: a regularly scene in a Brazilian slum. Mother is defending her son against police brutality.

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